Manufacturing and QC

Talent 10%

Technology 30%

Equipment 30%

Raw Materials 30%

Quartz lines are a complex assembly of reliable and well-established technologies. VEEGOO's philosophy is to control each single phase of the construction process from design to machine-processing, assembly, and quality control before dispatching installation and commissioning teams and lastly, to the after-sales service. In other words, we are not just constructor of machines and equipment, we are manufacturers committed to delivering solutions.

Our rapid growth of the Chinese market share conquered in a few years, and the repeat orders we continue to receive from existing customers are evident of VEEGOO's competitiveness and reliability. We are positioned as a solid contender in today's market. Success is not a matter of luck. It is the product of a clear vision, planning, commitment, and hard work.

Ring Mixer Assembly
Polishing Machine Check
Press Base
Gear Detection