Rotary Mixer

8+2 Calibrating Machine
V-Groove Edging Machine

During mixing, the Mixer body also rotates, to throw the material of the bottom to the wall of Mixer under centrifugal force, the material contacts with the wall and overturns, Mixer rod transfers the material to the center of Mixer to create a cycle, and create a effective and stable three-dimensional space for mixing, which can make sure the mixing more uniform. The rotation for Mixer body and Mixer rod play a leading role in the dry material mixing and wet material mixing.

  1. It is a core equipment in automatic quartz slab plant. The mixing is uniform, efficient and effective. Max. loading capacity is 1.5 tons, which is suitable for high quality, high capacity quartz slab production.
  2. Create a effective and stable three-dimensional space for mixing, the fine material can overturn effectively, to make sure mixing more uniform, effective and stable. The Mixer rod will create a “plough” effect, to make the mixing without any died corner for better mixing.
  3. The rotate for body and Mixer rod are individually controlled, which can adjust parameter according to real production. Different process parameters can be stored for further use.
  4. Power transmission system and mixing system use combined installation type for easy maintenance.
  5. The feeding point for material (resin, quartz grit, powder, pigment) is located symmetrically in circumferential direction, which can largely reduce the pre-mixing time.
  6. The discharge is in the center of the Mixer, which is compact structure with fast discharging and few left material.
  7. The machine is humanization design, with proper structure, which is easy for cleaning and maintenance.