Multi-head CNC Robot

Matrix Pigment Spraying Unit

To achieve the veins by cutting and spraying pigment on the mixture after distributor.
Tools have thin vein, middle width vein and wide vein types. The tools also have powder pigment and liquid pigment two types. CNC Robot automatically chooses the tool according to vein requirements, and cut the mixture, create vein.

CNC Robot has pigment adding device, which equipped beside the main spindle tool. When the tool is cutting, the pigment device will automatically spay the pigment and finish veins. It can change the pigments during production to achieve different color veins. CNC Robot has pigment tank. The pigment tank is connected with pigment adding device by pipes. The pigment pump will automatically pump the pigment from tanks to pigment adding device. The last one is clean tank, after finish working, open the clean pipes, it will clean the pipes and tools.